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1B catwoman sexy portrait of cat woman oil on canvas

$ 899 USD

My first experience of oil painting on canvas.I loved to work it from the first drop of color.I had no idea oil painting is so fun to work with,hope you like it.

Catwoman oil on canvas also the borders are painted so 3 D view Not frame needed is already wood framed canvas ready to be hanged on your wall.

size 40x40 cm

signed and dated.

comes with COA and buyer rights.

Finalised 17 december 2012 needs arround 2 weeks to dry


3B Mermeid fantasy love scene painting oil on glass dated and signed

$ 199 USD

Fantasy mermeid seduce a poor young boy.

Done with oil on framed glass.

It arrive to you as you see it,no frame needed,ready to be hanged on your wall.

size 40x50 cm

comes with COA and buyer rights.

A best price for a great piece.


4B assassin's creed 3 oil painting on canvas dated and signed with COA

$ 669 USD

assasins creed 3 original painting done on top of a old paining made in 2010, it is a "double painting"

Size 40x50 cm

acrylic and oil mix

comes with a Certificate of authenticity and buyer rights.

Take a chance to have it all just for yourself.

Perfect for any corner of your house,hotel,bar etc,


5B Lara Croft Tomb Rider Angelina Jolie 3D 3 dimensional portrait on canvas BIG

$ 369 USD

Done on canvas with acrylic and oil paint.High quality materials.

Time of work arround 10 days.

Hope you like it

Size: 75x58 x2 cm

Signed and dated.

Comes with COA and buyer rights.


6B 3 DIMENSIONAL 3D piramides Venice landscape oil painting on canvas HUGE optical illusion

$ 9999 USD

It is done completly in oil and was a really nice but big work.I am very glad i done it and i do hope you appreciate it as i do.Done between February and finished 4 July 2013.

Moving next to the canvas from left to right and from down to up you will notice how nice is the optical illusion it can do.

Painted also the borders.

Tips for the optical illusion be more nice.Put it on a shadow wall not with direct light from a part but from front.

Signed and dated

SIZE: 1 meter x35 cm  x 2cm

A unique piece as most of my art,take a chance to get it all for yourself.

It comes well packeged,i would like make it bigger but over 1 meter long the post dont let you to ship it outside country.

For any question feel free to contact me


11B XXL BIG HUGE oil painting abstract black white modern art ball 3D 3 Dimensional original painting on canvas

$ 5800 USD

Great huge painting done with oil high quality on framed canvas.

Ready to be hanged on your wall.

size:130 cmx 70 cm x 2 cm


         2.29x4.26  FT.

Dated and signed.

About a month to be done and i am proud of how it comes out.Hope you like and appreciate it too.

with Certificate of Authentiocity and buyer rights.



13B Abstract fantasy Wolfs love night full moon landscape

$ 550 USD

wolfs love alpha family.Done with acrylic on canvas.Already wood framed.Arrive to you as you see it,ready to be hanged on your wall :)

GLOW IN DARK  it charge with normal day light and glow in dark when the lights turn off.Is enought the light what come in from a normal window it dont needs direct light.

size: 25x58x2 cm

Signed and dated.

Comes with certificate of authenticity and buyer rights.

Perfect for any corner of your house.


14B Jack Neytiri movie AVATAR acrylic original painting on canvas signed and framed

$ 199 USD

Acrylic painting done in 2010 after i first saw the movie and it left me a wanderfull impression.

I enjoy alot to do it hope you enjoy the same to have it.

NO FRAME NEEDED it arrive to you as you see it already framed.

size 50x60 cm

Perfect for who love fantasy.


16B bizare wood frame WITHOUT CANVAS 3D 3 Dimensional nude cuvy woman sexy erotic lines back ass signed and dated WITH COA

$ 99 USD

Strange painting made on a wood frame without a canvas erotic lines abstract nude woman back ass sexy black and white.On a face is painted what you see the nude of the girl,on the other part is painted black with my sign and date,you can hang it as you wish.

SIZE: 30X60X3 CM





17B Hidden Sad Bride marriage gothic finger painting signed original

$ 32 USD

Finger painting on rigid paper.Acrylic ghotic bride brunette.

size: 30x25 cm

dated and signed


18B FATHER AND BABY drawing 1 charcoal on paper original drawing

$ 40 USD

Charcoal on paper,was made first after i made also the painting of it,you can get both of them and have a piece of art unique and at a great price.


dated and signed.



19B Infinity sign original painting card style

$ 34 USD

Acrylic on paper card style,you can open it and write something nice inside.

Needs Frame

size: A4 = 25X30 CM

dated and signed,with COA


20B APOCALYPSE BRIDE emo ghotic original painting dramatic art gift signed with COA

$ 95 USD

Acrylic on paper made after a dream i had.






21B Art original painting abstract black white red colorful sale by artist with COA

$ 59 USD

Infinity painting geometric abstract done with acrylic on paper.


SIZE A3 :30X40 CM


with COA

needs frame


22B HIGH HEEL modern art mirror broked all women HUGE BIG XXL canvas original painting

$ 3600 USD

Acrylic on cotton canvas wood framed,redy to be hanged on your wall .


Ever the morror part,silver is a kind of acrylic painting.

Dated and signed.

I am very proud and happyof this painting:),hope you like it as i do.

SIZE:70X130X2 CM

with Certificate of Authenticity.


23B Big Huge 3Dimensional modern art painting original black and white

$ 5800 USD

New 2015 tunnel 3 Dimensional signed and dated acrylic on framed canvas modern painting.

It is huge and comes out as i wish, hope you appreciate and like my art.

Size: 130x70x2 cm

With Certificate of Authenticity and buyer rights.

For any question feel free to contact me.


24B Lot of 2 COLLECTION 3 Dimensional paintings original sold by artist oil and acrylic

$ 9999 USD

Lot of 2 a incredible offer of 2 unique pieces of art both dated and signed.One made in oil on canvas in 2014 (the ball one) and the other acrylic on canvas 2015( the tunnel)

Both wood framed cotton canvases really big great for open spaces living room hotel entrance restaurant etc.

Size: 130x70x2 cm  each one

Both have the same measurements


For any question feel free to contact us.

Safe package and express shipping .


25B horses love fantasy original huge painting on canvas with COA

$ 12000 USD

XXL Huge painting on canvas all 100% oil and wood framed canvas,named horses love, a bit of fantasy and alive colors make it bring light and value to any room it hangs in.

Measures: 130 cm x 70 cm x 4cm

Dated and signed

With Certificate of Authenticity.

Needs about 2 years to be done, hope you appreciate it as i loved to do it.

Finished in 2015.


26B 3D 3 Dimensional amazing beautiful optical illusion black white original painting

$ 2500 USD


You are buyng a good future investment 3D 3Dimensional ball abstract black white striped original painting on canvas,done with acrylic high quality colors.

2 months working time needed to be done .

Wood framed canvas ready to be hanged on your wall.

Dated and signed with Certificate Of Authenticity .


27B Ballerrine couple dance original oil painting on wood

$ 250 USD

Original painting on wood panel


SIZE: 30X20 CM


dated and signed, original


28B Wild wolf female face cute original canvas painting

$ 200 USD

Original acrylic painting on wood framed canvas.

Wolf female cute sweet portrait.

Measues:60x50x2 cm

Made in 2009



29B Wolf sweet cute face female white wild original modern art painting on canvas

$ 400 USD

Original acrylic painting on canvas made by Alina Mardare Rossi in 2010

dated and signed

wood framed canvas

Measures: 70x50x2 cm

with COA


30B arabian woman Sweet amazing greed eyed sexy deep eyes modern original art XXL canvas oil painting

$ 999 USD

XXL canvas oil painting of a pair of green eyes very deep eyed and "alive"

Made all 100% in oil high quality< colors.Really a LOW PRICE for a XXL piece of art.Unique and with Certificate of Authenticity + buyer rights.

The eyes "follow you" whatever if the angle you look at the painting.

This make it much unique and beautiful

Measure: 120cm x 30cm x 2 cm

       4T. X1FT.

Wood bare behind framed so ready to be hanged on your wall.

Made in March 2016, dated and signed.

Sold direct by artist thats why we can keep the prices as low as possible.


31B Art original painting abstract brown lines modern art colorful

$ 36 USD

Abstract modern art original painting done with acrylic color on paper.


SIZE:23x32 cm    A4 size

comes with Certificate of Authenticity